Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The state of South Carolina will soon start listing same-sex parents on birth certificates, after a couple sued over the matter.

Federal Judge Mary Geiger Lewis issued her ruling Wednesday in a case brought by a married lesbian couple living in Greenville, Casy and Jacqueline Carson.

The couple married years ago in Washington, D.C.

Jacqueline Carson had given birth to twins through artificial insemination. However, even though they were married, the state didn't list Casy on the birth certificate, instead putting "no father listed." Typically, a parent can be listed on a birth certificate even if they are not the child's biological parent.

The couple sued Department of Health and Environmental Control Director Catherine Heigel, saying the state violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, and sought to change the state's policy.

In court, Heigel didn't contest the couple's constitutional argument, but didn't want the court to impose a new policy.

After learning which way the court intended to rule, both the plaintiffs and the state agreed to enter into what's known as a consent degree, where they will work out how this change to birth certificates will be implemented by the state in the coming months.