A new dating app is matching people on a different kind of interest -- things they hate.

The app, called Hater, says its makes online dating more more approachable by replacing surveys and bios with a fun, alternative way to find things in common. Are you curious yet?

This week, Hater released a map of the United States that shows what people in each state hate the most based on their data. While they didn't release the details on their data, we know the company was founded in 2016 so it stands to reason the data is no older than that.

So, what do South Carolinians hate the most according to the app? Edward Snowden, apparently.

Our neighbors in North Carolina hate DUI checkpoints. In Georgia, they hate tuna salad. And folks in Florida apparently hate workout couples. (You know the ones.)

Here's the full map.

So, what do YOU hate? And would you try the app?