Chapin, SC (WLTX) - A special needs student is making a big impact by doing something you and I on the surface may think is small.

Yates Sherer is a 17-year-old junior at Spring Hill High School.

“Every time I come here on Thursday to do the cans at Chapin Middle, I still feel good and I also say every day is the same thing,” Sherer said.

He helps the nutrition staff by dating and stocking the cans.

It’s a simple task but doctors said Sherer wouldn't even be here, and then when he lived, doctors said he would not be able to do much.

It's a gift, it really is. When you are told that your child is never going to walk,” his mom, Beth Sherer, said. “So to see Yates here and loving what he does and taking pride in it, there's not a way to describe it.”

His progress leaves her speechless.

“Every time I do great work at Chapin Middle School I make my mom proud and I get a drink afterwards,” the energetic student explained.

“I always ask myself, when are we going to meet that point where he stops,” his mom said. “And every time I think we've reached that point where we're not going to move forward, he surprises me."

“Don't worry if it's anyone that can help with the cans, it's going to be me because I'm really strong and really smart too,” Sherer beamed.

“I get to see his independence and I get to see the future and what it possibly holds for him,” his mother gushed.

He has been working at the school since September as a part of his job skills program.

On top of that, Yates and his mom work at the same school.