Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A School Resource Officer (SRO) instructor at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) says use of force on students is determined by the officer in the situation.

On Tuesday a 16-year-old threatened the principal at Blythewood Academy. The SRO was called in, tried to detain the student and then tased her, by pressing the taser against her.

"Their goal is to be to help the students, to keep the school safe and to work with their administration and their communities in the best way that they can," says Devon Hughes, instructor for the SCCJA. "If someone is in a situation where someone is getting hurt and injured, you have to step in to protect them and keep them from getting hurt and injured."

Hughes says that goes for both students and faculty.

The SCCJA does not train with tasers, so Hughes said she couldn't comment on its use in this situation, but says the officer has to make the call when it comes to use of force.

"SROs are going to want to de-escalate a situation, before you ever put your hands on a student, you're going to want to try to bring them down if that's a possible situation," says Hughes. "Unless someone is getting hurt, then you have to step in to protect the public."

Richland County Deputies say the student is now in custody and that she'll be charged with resisting arrest, assault and battery, and threatening a public official.