Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Success on the court or field for South Carolina's college teams makes selling the state easier.

Tourism in South Carolina is a $20 billion industry. In the state, one out of every 10 jobs is related to tourism. Now with the recent success of the state's colleges on the diamond, gridiron and the hardwood, promoting the state is even easier.

The State House was decorated with Gamecock garnet Monday, but not long ago it was Coastal Carolina teal and just recently Clemson orange decorating the dome.

All the sports success the state's colleges have experienced recently may lead to the color green.

"Everybody in tourism marketing knows, that the more positive exposure you have over a length of time over a broad swath of markets like the nation, it has nothing but positive things for your destination," said Dawn Dawson-House, director of corporate communications for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

She says Coastal Carolina and Clemson got the national spotlight on the state with their championships and the Gamecocks have kept it there.

"The Gamecocks, the National Championship women's college basketball, and the men the Cinderella story for the Final Four, even that has given us a lot of attention," said Dawson-House.

The type of positive attention the state has received for their sports teams just might be priceless.

Dawson-House said, "It would be a lot of money and I don't know if it would fit our budget. It would be too much for us I think. No, we could not buy this, not at this level."

She said, "When you sellout your hotels, when your restaurants are full, when your gas stations, are busy, when your cafe and shops are seeing big visitors, when your arena is booked full, and you sellout all of the tickets, that means good things for South Carolina. We can't underestimate that."

Winning college sports teams is not only economically helpful, it can also impact admissions to the university. According to a 2013 study, athletic success can improve the quality and quantity of applicants to the winning schools.