Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Security around the State House grounds will be heightened following the deadly protest in Charlottesville and the confederate monument knocked over in North Carolina.

The South Carolina State House has two confederate monuments: one in the front and one in the back. One is dedicated to the woman of the Confederacy and the other to the soldiers.

Given recent events around the nation, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety says they're staying vigilant. "The Bureau of Protective Services has increased their patrol on the State House Grounds and is monitoring the monuments," said Captain Kelley Hughes with SCDPS.

But until when? Hughes says they'll just continue to monitor the events around the country and make a decision at a later time.

If anyone wanted to take down or change a monument in the State House, they would have to go through the legislature.

Senator John Scott says that after the Charleston massacre at Emmanuel A.M.E. Church two years ago, South Carolina has different discussions. "We've gotten to the point in South Carolina where we can have these discussions without anybody getting killed" Scott said.