On 1400 Main street in Columbia and people were taking a hard look at five colorful chairs. Emily Larkins was on lunch and says the drums look welcoming.

"It's really cute I love it, it's like chairs with drums and I think it will be good with kids and just anybody downtown especially across from the college students", said Larkins.

Lee Snelgrove with One Columbia Arts and History says this unveiling is the cities first public interactive and permanent art piece.

"It is a set of five hand drums made by Eileen Blyth and Mark Finley. They are local artist and they had this idea. We have developed a process with the city for commissioning public art that is privately funded but will be publicly owned and maintained by the city and today was just the first piece of that process", said Snelgrove.

Sean McCrossin the owner of Drip funded the art.

"I love music and if we can do something musically with that kind of interactive then I would be on board with it", said McCrossin.

And his vision came to life.

"Artist Eileen and Mark came up with this wonderful idea that's creative and hopefully inspiring as well", said McCrossin.

Snelgrove say's he hopes people passing by will want to be apart of the experience.

"Five people can sit together and produce music in some way with their hands or they can make something that is artistic for other people to enjoy", said Snelgrove.