Sumter, SC (WLTX) The Sumter school district is looking to eliminate 86 positions according to Shelly Galloway with the school district. This on top of the 47 positions the district said they were going to eliminate in January. All of this to cover the deficit of over $6 million dollars.

For the 2017-18 school year, the district plans to eliminate 86 positions. The district says they feel comfortable in saying that the reductions will come from attrition which means through retirement, staff moving to other vacated positions, or staff leaving the district. Even with the reductions, there are teaching positions that will need to be filled.

According to the release the district sent Dr. Baker, Dr. Nixon, Mr. Fall, Mr. Allan, and Dr. Leach attended most, if not all, staffing meetings. They met with each principal during the month of March. The meetings began Wednesday, March 15 and ended on Monday, March 27, 2017.


Elementary Schools:
· Reviewed enrollment data for this school year and projected enrollment data for next year.
· Reviewed current staffing at each grade level, special education programs, and staffing needs for the 17-18 school year based on projected enrollment data.
· Discussed instructional programmatic requirements based on federal, state, and/or local mandates. Examples: Read to Succeed and MMGW/HSTW Initiatives.
· Discussed maintenance requests.
· Explained the new Personnel Change Action Form and discussed any variances with account numbers that are used to pay staff members.

Middle School and High:
· The process was the same as elementary schools; however, they looked more closely at content area teachers and related arts and elective classes.


Elementary School Level: Forty eight and 1/2 positions were cut.

Middle School Level: Nineteen positions were cut.

High School Level: Eighteen and 1/2 positions were cut.

The total cuts equal 86 positions being eliminated at the school level.

The net position cuts for the 17-18 school year are 86 positions with a savings of approximately