Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Surveillance video obtained by News 19 shows a Kentucky football fan being hit by gunfire during a shooting in The Vista back in September.

Eight people were injured in the early hours of September 16, including Denise Massey.

The surveillance video was provided by The Oyster Bar Columbia, where the camera is placed in front of the business on Park Street.

The nearly two-minute video shows Massey and her fiancee, Jimmy Brannon, chatting with two other people in front of The Oyster Bar when gunfire broke out around 2am in front of the Empire Supper Club, which is about a block and a half away.

The video shows people surrounding the group duck once they hear the gun shots, but from what it looks like in the video, Massey was shot as she was trying to take cover.

Massey was knocked out of frame, but you can see her feet in the video, as bystanders run towards her, trying to help.

She was shot in the face and was released from the hospital 11 days later.

Five men have been charged in connection with the shooting. Two of those men are being charged with seven counts of attempted murder.

Police believe the shooting was between two groups with an existing nudge and not a random act of violence against the public.