Charleston, SC (WLTX) - Monday marked the 11th day of testimony in the murder trial of Michael Slager.

Four people testified for the defense. One of them was Megan Fletcher, with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Fletcher is a fiber expert and testified on the marks that were found on Slager’s uniform.

Slager, a former North Charleston Police Officer, is accused of killing 50-year-old Walter Scott. Slager claimed that there was a struggle between him and Scott and that his Taser was used.

Fletcher testified that marks on his uniform could’ve been made by a Taser, but didn’t rule out other sources.

The defense also called Dr. Mark William Kroll, an expert in Bio Electricity. Dr. Kroll testified that he had no doubt that a Taser made those marks.

“There's really no alternative source for that heat damage,” says Dr. Kroll. “We both agreed that it's not a close iron that will do that. Even some of the creative things that were thought of, lying on the beach using a microscope to try to burn a hole using the magnified sun would give a different effect. An electrified arch effect is very distinctive.”

Fletcher also testified to the gunshot residue (GSR) that was found on both Slager and Scott. Fletcher said that GSR could be found on a person who fire a weapon, is close by when a weapon is fired, or a person who came in contact with someone or something that has gunshot residue.

“The GSR kit collected from Walter Scott, particles of gunshot residue were found on his right hand,” says Fletcher. “That includes the right palm and the right back of his hand. On the left hand, one particle of gunshot residue and one particle consistent with gunshot residue was found.”

The proceedings ended with testimony from a family court lawyer, Amanda Haselden, who testified that the court issued a warrant back in 2013 for back child support. Haselden says if the warrant would’ve been served during that traffic stop, Scott would’ve gone to jail.

Court wrapped up early on Monday and is expected to begin again on Tuesday starting at 9 am. More testimony is expected.