Charleston, SC (WLTX) - Battery Park looks a little different on Sunday. For starters there are pieces of tree limbs, in piles, ready to be cleaned up after hurricane Matthew.

Also, on a positive note, the flooding is gone. On East Bay St. cars could barely get through on Saturday, now it's clear as people begin to come back to the park to enjoy Charleston.

"A lot less crowded, I would say that,” says Dennis Crepes. “But just major devastation down here. They have the cleanup crews going. They are pretty prompt in Charleston and that's great, but definitely a lot different. A lot more limbs in the way and obstacles in the way.”

“Ever since we got a dog we are exploring more of Charleston,” says Crepes. “We come down here a lot. When I went to the Citadel and I used to come running down here a lot. It's just a beautiful area.”

“We wanted to come back when we knew the power was on at both of our apartments, but before Gov. Haley told everyone to come back, because it would just be so hard to come back,” says Nicole Deporre.

The Ashley River is also calm, but on Friday it was a different story.

The area was completely flooded and it was not safe to drive in, but things are getting back to normal. Aside from the damage and debris on the ground, it looks like The Battery is almost back to 100 percent.