According to Sean King, Author of The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Right Contractor, “there are 3 huge mistakes to avoid when you hire any contractor.”

  1. Not pre-screening the contractor
  2. Not getting everything in writing
  3. Getting ahead on your payment schedule

When it comes to pre-screening, King says as soon as you find a company, you can go online and look them up on review sites such as Angie's list, BBB, Google and Yelp. He says to pay close attention to how they handle complaints. King also recommends asking a friend or family member for recommendations.

King's second tip is to get everything in writing including an on-time guarantee. This helps you know exactly when your project will be completed.

The most common mistake that experts see, is getting ahead on payment schedules, King says. "As soon as you get ahead of your payment schedule, all bets are off. You lost any control or leverage that you may have had, he tells News 19.

King recommends following the RIGHT formula:

  • Referral/ Recommendation
  • Investigate
  • Get it in writing
  • Have a voice and use it
  • Trust your gut.