Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Thousands came out to the funeral of 6-year-old Jacob Hall Wednesday, superhero costumes in full force.

Hall died in a hospital Saturday after being shot by a 14-year-old at Townville Elementary School playground last week.

His family requested that all guests wear superhero gear to the funeral to honor of him.

The Oakdale Baptist Church in Rock Hill was standing room only, and one of the guests asked to speak at the service was Batman.

"He wanted it all to be positive, he wanted it all to be hope-filled," Batman said. "We have a 6-year-old boy here who's teaching the world how to do it right, showing us how to love together, how to come together, how to forgive, and how to move forward, and that's what its about."

Jacob's older brothers said in seeing the crowd, they felt surrounded by love- a superpower that's fortunately not out of our reality

"If we could all just get everybody to even halfway love the way that he loved everybody else, it would be beautiful," Dale Hall said. "There would be so much in the world right now."