The 2017 South Carolina State Fair kicks off today and it's sure to draw crowds from near and far. Another consistent result of the fair landing in town is busted budgets for many, as they plan their fair trips for themselves and their families.

Here are three practical ways you can save money this year, starting today:

  1. Include your children in planning. Reduce some of the financial pressure and let your children see how much it costs for a visit to the fair including admission, food, rides, and other purchases. Complete the math on what a visit will cost the family and let your children understand how the total relates to your household expenses.
  2. Check your food budget. Whether you have a child or not, this is the category that can put a hole in your pocket and your October-November budget. Put a cap on how much you're willing to spend on food on your visit to the fair. If your sole purpose of visiting the fair is to eat, go during the lunch hours where admission is free. You give a $10 deposit at the ticket booth and they give it back to you when you're headed out.
  3. Keep your eyes open for ticket deals. Visit the state fair's website to check out the ticket deal days at the fair this year. You can save on your tickets with this simple step.

There's no better day to save money than the first day of the fair with $1 admission. That's 90% off! Enjoy the fair.

There are also some new rides, foods and entertainment to enjoy at the fair this year.