Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Tim Tebow got his first taste of the Columbia fireflies' fan base on Sunday's Fan Day at Spirit Communications Park.

"A lot of people say, what are you expecting, and I'm like I don't know it's the first time I've done this,"

Tim Tebow is a new edition to the Columbia Fireflies family, and boy, are fans excited.

Thousands of people showed up to spirit communications park to watch the first Fireflies workout of the season, but it was pretty clear who a lot of them came to see.

"You gotta love Tebo," said Tebow fan Jason Scott Wagner, "Tebow is the man and I'm looking forward to how he can do with baseball."

Tebow fan Rebecca Stone drove five hours to see the former Heisman winner.

"We came from Knoxville, Tennessee to meet Tebow, meet him and get his happy signature right on this," Stone said, referring to her Tebow paraphernalia.

Tebow says even with all the support, he still gets nervous.

"I think when you care about something enough there are always nerves because it matters how you do," Tebow said.

As far as football goes, he says there's still room in his heart.

"I still love the game of football so sometimes you miss it, but I'm pursuing something else that I love, and you can love more than one thing," Tebow said.

But Tebow says he's only got one focus now and it's something he's taking seriously.

"This is not like a vacation or it's not something I want to do for publicity, I'm coming in here every single day to pick up my lunch pail, put on the hard hat, and go to work and try to get better," Tebow said.

Fans say they can't wait to be here for the ride.

"I love watching the Fireflies and I think Tebow is going to bring so much to the game, it's just going to be a spectacular season," said Mary Degnan, another fan.