Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The new year is already promising the sight of a lifetime.

In August, there will be a total solar eclipse and Columbia will be one of the best spots to see it.

"The eclipse is going to be huge," said Andrea Mensink, the director of communications at the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports and Tourism.

On August 21, the city of Columbia is going black and a total solar eclipse will take over the sky.

"We will be the largest metro area on the east coast with the longest duration of eclipse," Mensink said.

It will last about 2 minutes and 36 seconds, making Columbia one of the best viewing spots in the country.

"And it may be the only the only one that we'll experience in our lifetime," Mensink said.

Mensink says they are expecting massive numbers of people coming here to get a good look.

"We are already seeing international as well as domestic interests," Mensink said, "our hotels are already seeing inquiries come through. NASA officials have let us know we could see upwards of one million people coming to Columbia for this event."

"A million stomachs that we're hoping to feed," said Jay Baugh, one of the managers at Old Chicago Pizza

Baugh says they will be stocking up.

"Well we're the craft beer authority," Baugh said, "so [we] partner up with our local breweries and our reps to kind of bring in the best beer that we can offer."

Baugh says events like these bring excitement to the Vista and allows them to give people outside of the community a taste of who they are.

"So hopefully we'll be able to give them craft beer experience because that's what we're about," Baugh said.

Mensink says the whole event will be something you want to mark your calendars for.

"You just can't really understand how amazing and awesome the event will be until you actually get to experience it," Mensink said.

Mensink says even though there will be a lot of people in town, they are already planning for measures to make sure it will be a fun safe environment for everyone.

For more information on the events surrounding the solar eclipse, visit the Total Eclipse Weekend page here.