Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Two Midlands churches in the midst of tragedy are coming together and looking out for each other despite their differences.

Agape Family Outreach Center on Timberlane Drive was destroyed by the deadly flood back in October 2015.

“You know it hurt to see that you know you put in to a thing and invested into it then just see it go up like that you know under water," Agape Family Outreach Center Pastor Leonard Williams said.

Pastor Leonard Williams of Agape Family Outreach remembers the damage like it was yesterday.

“It hurt but you know, you know life have to gone on too you know so I just say well we'll just see where He takes us from here,” Williams explained.

The church’s new home would be up the hill at South Beltline Baptist Church.

“The culture's just different but the people inside we're not that much different you know we have some of the same hurts, some of the same pains, some of the same concerns," Williams said.

A predominantly white church inviting a predominantly black church to have service as one.

“We're coming at it from very different perspectives, different styles of preaching, just the way that churches run, you know all those things have been different,” South Beltline Baptist Church Pastor Eric Bothur said.

Bothur says the joint services have been a learning experience for everyone.

Members like Marilyn Roberts and John Nicholson couldn't agree more.

“I think the first thing that I've learned is that I just love these people. You know and that I've grown really close to some of them,” Marilyn Roberts of Agape said. “I've learned that everybody can do it a different way, but that it's the same God."

“People are different but it's one goal, it's sort of like when you read in the Bible where Jesus collected His disciples one at a time, but they all came together, this is basically the same way I look at this,” John Nicholson of South Beltline Baptist Church said. “We've all come together and it's been wonderful.”

They are coming together despite their differences.

“We want to draw together and come to people's aid and to make a difference in people's lives and make a good difference and I'm hoping that these churches working together will be a start of that,” Bothur said.

“It's been beautiful,” Williams said. “They love people.”

Williams said Agape Family Outreach Center plans to get a new building in the near future but are enjoying the joint services until they move.