West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The freezing temperatures continued to drop Wednesday night. Both locals and travelers stopped at the Pilot gas station along US-321 to catch a break from the cold weather.

"I was in Charleston today and I was sent home due to weather at around 10 (a.m.) because it was icy and raining and sleeting," Daniel Day said.

Daniel and his wife Rebecca were picking up some last minute items before heading home for the night.

"I was in Cayce working at Eau Claire. It was fine. We just saw a couple snow flurries and didn't see much more than that," Rebecca said. "(We were) worrying about pipes freezing or busting, so we've been wrapping pipes and stuff."

James Wright is a truck driver and didn't hit any of the mess, but he said he understood why people in the area were being cautious.

"I don't blame them for shutting down to be honest with you. They just don't know how to drive in it and it's a dangerous situation. If you don't know how to drive in it, don't drive in it," he said.