Manning, SC (WLTX) - Clarendon County was not spared from the winds and rain of Hurricane Matthew. Along with a lot of fallen trees, many residents in Clarendon County still do not have power.

"Trees just started falling and power lines started collapsing," said Barbara White, a resident in Manning.

Not one, not two, but four trees fell around White's house in Manning after Hurricane Matthew came through.

"On the back of my house, there's a tree on my porch and part of the roof here," White said.

The tree in her front yard fell on a power line, and with a little help from the tree in her neighbor's yard an entire power pole came crashing down just a little way down the road.

"The whole area's pretty well still without power, we don't have water either," White said.

White's home is just a snapshot of the damage lying around the entire county.

"It really is difficult to see so many of our citizens who are suffering," said Dwight Stewart, chairman of the Clarendon County council.

Stewart says getting though this is going to require patience, but that it is easier said than done.

"It's hard to have patience when you're sitting in the dark and you don't have fuel and you're wondering where your next meal is coming from," Stewart admitted, "can't take a bath... things that we just take for granted."

Although bringing back the power would take time, one problem was an easy fix.

"We wanted to offer people a hot fresh meal," said Julia Nelson, the mayor of Manning, SC.

Nelson says she knows how the people feel because she's in it with them.]

"I have been living under these same conditions the past few days and I know how much I would love a hot cooked meal," Nelson explained, "and so if I could use it, I know everybody else could."

Using leftover canned food from last year's flood and a donation of meat from Walmart, they said hundreds of people were able to get a plate.

"It's hot, it's a blessing," said Mildred Nick, one of the many in line for a hot plate of food.

Nick says she's been eating canned goods and junk food.

"To me, it's showing that God is here," Nick said.

Officials say they are making progress and many will have the power back sooner than the weekend, which was what they originally expected. Officials tell us Clarendon county administrative offices just got power as well and will reopen tomorrow.