Newberry, SC (WLTX) - On Thanksgiving Day, some Midlands seniors will be without a hot meal - the Meals on Wheels program in Newberry will not be delivering.

The Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church and the Living Hope Foundation teamed up to make sure everyone would still get a plate.

"I really believe that we're here to help our fellow man," said Ellen Calloway, the coordinator for Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church.

Volunteers from the church will prepare over 200 meals for seniors on Thanksgiving, when the Newberry Council of Aging's Meals on Wheels program is not running.

"A senior who's at home with some disability, you know, their cupboard can become quite bare during the holiday season," Calloway said.

Lewis Memorial volunteers are only preparing the sides. The Living Hope Foundations partnered with the church and are supplying the turkeys and gravy for the meal.

"Jesus fed," said John Glasgow, the executive director of the Living Hope Foundation, "that's one of his missions, to feed the hungry. So our mission is to serve the needs of people. For those that don't have what they need, the holiday kind of brings the sadness, so we want to be an uplifting body."

Glasgow says they need 15-20 turkeys to feed the amount of seniors on the list. Right now they do not have enough, so they are looking to the community for donations.

"It's part of the giving, it's the part of Thanksgiving, it's Thanksgiving right," Glasgow said, "so we have to do what we can to give back to the community."

They say giving back this season could be the gift you never knew you needed.

"The people who do it are the ones I think who get the joy as much or more than the people they take to," Calloway said.

If you would like to donate a turkey, you can contact John Glasgow at 803-924-4104.

Calloway says if you would like to show up at Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church at 9 AM to volunteer with them on Thursday, there is a job for anyone who is willing to help.