Columbia, SC - On the two-year anniversary of the Confederate flag being removed from the grounds of the State House, it flew once again in the same exact spot for several hours Monday.

The South Carolina Secessionist Party held a rally at the State House that was similar to the one last year.

People in support of the flag and those opposed came to the capital to have their voices heard.

James Bessenger is a part of the South Carolina Secessionist Party and says it's important for them to have the flag back up on the grounds.

"We've decided that we're going to do this every year forward because we don't feel that the people of South Carolina got their fair say to what happened to our heritage flag," said Bessenger.

Bessenger was part of the group who brought the Confederate Flag to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville during the March Madness Tournament to voice their displeasure on the flag not being displayed in the Confederate Relic Room.

"The legislation that took that flag down also guaranteed that it would be put on display at the Confederate Relic Room at our state museum but as of Friday when we went over there, that still hasn't happened. It's still in the box two years later," said Bessenger.

Any spending to display the flag would have to come from state lawmakers and they haven't provided the money yet. The Confederate Relic Room originally requested 4 million dollars for a project that included a flag display. Their last request was for $200,000 to convert two offices into a display room.

Rob Mccue was one of the people outside the fence protesting the rally.

"I'm for a relic room placement of it. A place where you can go and have whatever feelings they have around the issue," said Mccue.

Mccue does feel that having the flag back on the State House grounds can be counterproductive.

"I don't know if it provides that kind of reflections where this seems to bring out more of a charge response from people that's never been helpful. If we can get passed that and get to that deeper reflective place on this, I think we can come together and move forward." said Mccue.

The flag was intended to remain on the grounds Monday until five in the afternoon.