Augusta, GA (WLTX) -- The 81st Masters Tournament is set to tee off April 6 th at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. Weather is dominate topic to this point with two of the practice rounds being suspended due to thunderstorms.

Weather also struck in the weeks running up to the tournament as temperatures were unseasonably warm in February and early March causing the signature azaleas, as well as, other flowers to bloom a few weeks early. Patrons admitted to being disappointed by mother nature's plans but being amazed by the beauty of the course.

Masters chairman Billy Payne noted on Wednesday:

"I am pleased to report that a mild winter, coupled with meticulous planning and execution, has resulted in a dense and lush overseed, and the course is looking and playing magnificently. Maybe, just maybe, the best turf conditions ever. Regrettably, the same weather that propelled our course and greens to near perfect condition caused our normally spectacular azaleas and other flowers to bloom three weeks early that. That premature bloom, combined with recent consecutive hard freezes, has diminished our otherwise beautiful and traditional coloring. So this year, we have decided that our color of choice is green."

Rain is not expected to be a factor during the tournament but in it's absence will be the winds. Forecasters are expecting gusts of around 40 mph, with sustained winds around 20 mph for the opening round. Temperatures will also struggle to get out of the 60s until the weekend.