Columbia, SC (WLTX) - 59 people died in the Las Vegas shooting with hundreds injured. On Saturday, they were remembered right here in the Midlands.

"We just want it to stop," said Arlene Andrews with the organization Moms Demand Action.

Andrews says she is tired of the senseless violence.

"I go inward in a very downward and depressed way," Andrews said.

It's why her organization held a vigil for the Las Vegas shooting victims.

"Always want to honor the victims, each person has a name and a life," Andrews said.

Life that ended too soon, by a scenario happening too often.

"Americans should not have to worry about being shot at outdoor concerts, in movie theaters, in elementary schools or in churches," said Sylvia Dessau with Moms Demand Action.

The attendees say they refuse to live in fear.

"I think its absolutely essential for us to be here, we need to stand up to this fear and to this threat to our lives and to our society," said attendee Jeff Liebmann.

But Andrews says if fear was the goal, you won't find it here.

"After a tragedy you can begin to feel hopeless or helpless, and we are neither hopeless or helpless," Andrews said.

There were about 60 people in attendance.