Sumter, SC (WLTX)- Teachers in one Sumter Elementary School are now using Nearpods and virtual reality goggles for their lesson plans after receiving a grant.

All High Hill Elementary on the Shaw Air Force Base student have Nearpods in their classrooms now thanks to a teacher who applied for a grant.

The laptop-like devices are used for math problems and real time results. Teacher Rebecca Griffin says it's really helped engage her students, "whenever I do [test] the students in the moment I can address any issues and misunderstandings" said Griffin. "I can fix them in the moment and not wait until I grade a paper to find out what they do or don’t know."

She says this has not replaced her role as a teacher, rather supplement it.

While the Nearpods do have access to the internet, administration monitors it constantly an they have firewalls to keep them away from harmful sites.