Home owners living off of Leesburg Road and Gray Street are hoping to get a broken water line fixed, as gallons of water continue to flow into their yards.

"You can see how the water is just flowing down from the neighbors and it's just all over," says Traci Ellis, who lives along Leesburg Rd. "We noticed that there was a water leak back before Christmas. My husband noticed it when he walks our dog."

Ellis says she reported the problem to the City of Columbia Water Department.

"It was getting worse day by day so we said hey you guys need to come out here and look at it," said Ellis. "They came out on Friday, it was dark, and started digging up the area and then they left. We spoke to a couple of workers and they said they couldn't find the water shut off valve.

So, the water kept running, flooding not only Ellis' yard, but her next door neighbor's yard as well.

"I've walked around and looked under my house and it is probably six to eight inches deep of water under the house," says Draft Price. Price is worried about being able to sell his house in the near future.

Currently the city of columbia is seeing an overwhelming number of broken water lines, mainly because of the recent below freezing temperatures.

"Most of the water lines in our system are under pavement in roads, major thoroughfares and often we find that when those roads are repaved our valves get paved over and we can't get to them and we can't access them," says Joey Jaco, Utilities Director for the City of Columbia. "Which results in us not being able to find them. Unfortunately we have several that are active leaks. We've taken precautions to make sure it stays within a roadway, stays within the gutter of the road getting to a storm drain. Sometimes that's not possible, but we do make an effort to do that."

Ellis says she hopes water crews can at least change where the water flows while they work to find a solution.

"I don't know how much this is going to cost to fix, and it's not on us to fix it. We just really want them to try to divert the water."

Jaco says if there is damage done to homes as a result of a broken water service line, you can file a claim with the city's third-party insurance by calling the customer service line at (803) 545-3300.