Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) The Orangeburg County fair closed at 5 PM today and will not be open tomorrow.

The fair has been going on for 105 years now, and a board member says this is only the second time in recent history that it has been closed for weather.

Friday—it’s the winds of Hurricane Matthew blowing toward South Carolina supplying the excitement.

Carol Rawls and her children are some of the few that braved the weather— they had the fair almost all to themselves. Said Rawls, “they had the all you can ride armbands and with not too many people here they kept going and going and going with no lines. We got to ride a lot of rides, and we had fries and some drinks and it was fun.”

Fair Organizers say ticket sales were UP on Thursday, with plenty of people up from the coast taking advantage of the attractions.

But now the rides sit at a standstill.

Waiting for the storm to pass before the fun can start again.

Fair leaders hope the weather will be better by Sunday so they can be open that afternoon.

Their main concern is making sure every one is in a safe place when the weather is an issue tomorrow.