Richland County officials are reminding residents to stay vigilant after the discovery of a second dead bird carrying West Nile virus in Richland County.

Richland County officials say a dead bird found to be carrying West Nile virus was discovered near a private residence in Irmo, in the northwest section of Richland County. In mid-July, state and local officials announced a dead bird testing positive with West Nile virus was discovered in downtown Columbia.

“We want to remind the public the disease has not been found in a person, but we encourage citizens to take personal precautions,” said Richland County Vector Control Manager Tammy Brewer.

Richland County Vector Control says it is taking the following steps:

  • Mosquito traps are in the affected area, capturing mosquitos for viral testing.
  • Areas within a one-mile radius were sprayed for mosquitoes Tuesday night and will continue Wednesday. If residents see the spray truck in their neighborhood, they are asked to remain inside to allow the driver to provide thorough coverage.
  • Richland County Vector Control officers continue to monitor the entire County, especially where water collects. Treating standing water kills larvae, reducing the chance of an outbreak.

Officials are reminding people to also take steps to help reduce mosquito activity by emptying any standing water on their property. They also recommend using protective measures such as wearing long sleeves and using repellents.

Richland County residents are encouraged to report heavy mosquito activity by contacting the Richland County Ombudsman at 803-929-6000.