After receiving numerous phone calls from viewers at a Columbia apartment complex saying they've been without water and heat for the last couple of days as temperatures dropped to the teens in the evening, New 19 investigated to see what was causing the problem and when it would be resolved.

We talked with families about how it's affecting them. The residents didn't want to be identified but wanted to share their story.

One resident said it's been real tough to deal with.

"It's cold. I had go up there and get four heaters and keep my stove on just to keep it warm. We don't have any water. No heat. They need to hurry up and get it fixed," said one resident.

People who live at Colony Apartments in Columbia say they've been without water and heat since Saturday. They say their heaters runs off hot-water so without water, they're without a source for heat.

Another resident says they're concerned for their children.

"I got a newborn. My baby ain't even two weeks yet. We had to sleep with all our clothes on. I bought one heater which is not doing nothing for my apartment and I have my oven on," said the resident.

On Saturday, people who live at the apartment received a letter from the complex saying that there had been a water main break and that people should use a minimum amount of water.

On Monday, residents received another notice saying that the water had been shut off.

Lynn Haner, with Monroe Group that manages the apartment complex says they had to shut off the water so crews could work on the water main break.

"We believe it's somewhat due to the winter weather. It could be also that the pipe was older, too, so I think combination of both led to the failure," Haner said. "It was unfortunate that it happened this weekend, but we were able to find somebody and get this repaired immediately. Everything will be restored by the end of today (Monday)."

Haner says the community center will have water and heat for people to use for the time being.

"Anybody who's a resident there, of course, is free to go to the community center and hang out there until the water is fixed," said Haner.

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