Sumter County, SC (WLTX) - The marathon race for the White House is now an all out sprint with twelve days remaining until election day. It has some people wondering what to expect when they go to the polls.

Voting for president can be one of the most important decisions we make as Americans, but with the long lines and commotion of election day the process can feel a bit overwhelming.

"We want to make this voting process as simple as possible," said Patricia Jefferson, the director of registration and elections in Sumter County.

Voting on the machines is just as simple as a tap on your phone.

"As they enter the voting booth, the first option you will see is straight party punch or you may do an individual punch," Jefferson explained.

The straight party punch will allow you to vote for every candidate in your party of choice. The individual punch will allow you to select the candidates separately.

"Our poll workers have been trained to listen for two beeps, one is to vote and the second one would be to confirm that you have voted," Jefferson said.

Jefferson says once you have selected to cast your ballot, your vote has been counted.

"They will not be given a receipt, the machine will give you an answer stating thank you for voting your ballot has been cast," Jefferson explained.

Some voters at the Sumter County courthouse say it could not have been easier.

"The process was just 1, 2, 3," said Ramona Lies, a Sumter resident, "simple, clear, easy."

"You just come in, push the button touch tone, and it's there," said Odell Johnson, another Sumter resident.

Jefferson says if you do have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

"We don't know unless you ask for it," Jefferson said.

Jefferson says it is important that everything goes smoothly, because it is here that we determine our future.

"We want you to take your time, come in, smile," Jefferson says, "every vote matters, every vote counts."

On election day, Jefferson says you can expect lines to be the longest in the morning, around noon, and again at 5PM.

Jefferson says the only thing anyone is required to bring to vote is a photo ID. Voters are not allowed to bring or wear anything supporting a candidate, distract other voters at the polls, or try to get in line after the polls have closed.