Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Not even 24 hours after two armed robbers walked in to Next Up Barber Shop, the business was packed with waiting customers, both young and old.

Barber Brandon Dreher says the shop, located on Fort Jackson Boulevard across from the Cross Hill Market, was a similar scene on Friday night when two masked men entered.

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"Two men came in, armed one with a handgun, one with a rifle and ordered everybody to put their hands up," said Dreher. "They forced all the customers and kids to put their hands up and they were starting to go in everyone's pockets."

Master Barber Elmurray Bookman and his customer did what the robbers asked.

What the masked men didn't know? Both Bookman and his client have concealed weapon permits.

"When he came to him for his money, he told him that his money was over there in the chair. When the guy walked over to the chair, that's when he came out and shot," said Bookman. "Then when he started shooting, I came out and started shooting."

In surveillance footage, the robber is thrown to the ground after the first gunshot is fired. He then gets up and runs towards the back.

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"The man who got shot tried to go through the back door and it was jammed up," said Dreher. "He ended up getting shot again because the door was stuck."

Columbia police say that man later died at a hospital. His partner was able to run out the front door and is still on the run.

The barbers say their concern now is how the children who witnessed it all are recovering and want the person responsible for their fear caught.

"If you know them, turn them in," said Bookman. "Because if you don't, they're going to do somebody else like that and this time it could be an innocent victim getting killed."

If you know who the man is or where he could be, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-Crime-SC.

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