Clarendon, SC (WLTX) - One road in Clarendon county has been closed for nearly two years since the thousand year flood.

One News 19 viewer sent us a message on Facebook wanting to know when Old River Road would be fixed.
Business owners, like Gary Weathersbee, say the damage and the detour around it is hurting their wallets.

"It's been a real thorn in our butt around here now. The flood came through and now you can't hardly see the wash out because of the bushes growing in them. It's been such a long time," said Weathersbee.

He's the owner of Elliott's Landing, along with his wife. He said the road closure has taken a toll on his landing and campground business.

"Eighty percent of our income comes from the Sumter County side so they have to detour way around through country roads and everything like that," Weathersbee explained.

Billy Richardson is a councilman in Clarendon County and owns a business on Old River Road. He's been wondering why the road hasn't been fixed yet.

"Occasionally I ride up there to see if anything has been done and it's been months and nothing has been done down there," said Richardson.

We reached out to SCDOT to find out what's the hold-up. They released the following statement:

"This road was closed due to a dam failure at that location. The dam is privately-owned. SCDOT is continuing to keep in contact with the owner concerning his final decision on whether to rebuild the structure or not. Once the dam owner makes a decision, SCDOT will determine a path forward."

Richardson says he’s lost nearly half of his business because of the road closure. While time passes on this empty road, Richardson says he hopes the road is fixed soon to help save his business.

"We just hope that this road can be repaired as soon as it possibly can because it's really putting a damper. It's hurt my business. It's hurt everyone in the community. Everyone is going out of there way to get to where they need to go because this road is out," said Richardson.

Old River Road is one of two that are currently closed in Clarendon County with the other being Gunter Road.