Columbia , SC (WLTX) – The deadly Texas church shooting hits even harder for the victims of the Emanuel AME shooting.

More than two years ago, a gunman went into the Charleston church and shot and killed nine worshippers.

Of the nine Pastor Clementa Pinckney was killed.

His widow, Jennifer Pinckney said she was shocked to learn of another church shooting.

"Clementa was just right there and I could just see him before he walked out into that Bible study and it just brought the whole thing back to me you know," she reflected.

She said her heart goes out to the victims’ families and friends and the members of the church.

“It floored me you know I got emotional and I called my girls and I told them what had happened,” Pinckney said.

She said the pain and grief have been so much, she has not even been able to bring herself to read the full details of the Texas shooting.

At least 26 people were killed inside of a Wilson County church during Sunday service, just 40 miles southeast of San Antonio.

“I truly understand you know what those families, the families of those victims you know are going through, it’s two years later, a little over two years later for me and you know it still feels like it happened yesterday,” Pinckney explained. “You’ll never forget, you know" It saddens me that the church is not even a sacred place anymore.”

Pinckney said she misses her husband so much and that some days are tougher than others, but her faith and her family keep her going.

“You just have to trust in God and have that strong support, “the widow said passionately.

She said despite the pain, you must move forward.

"We just have to keep trying to find a good solution," she said.