Columbia, SC (WLTX) - You have probably noticed, gas prices are rising in the Midlands. But will it lead to a shortage?

"Every other day, it's gone up almost every other day," said Toya Hickman, manager of the Gazbah on Bluff Road in Columbia.

Hickman says the reason gas prices keep going up is because of damages to major refineries in Texas.

"Right now, we're only being allotted so much gas per gas station," Hickman said. "So if my station runs out, I'm out.

"Yea the refineries is the real issue," said Ernie King with AAA (Triple A).

King says refinery shut downs limit the supply of gas and sends prices up, and that usually creates a panic.

"Folks do tend to feel the need to get out there and fill up [their] tank thinking that if you don't fill it up now, there's not going to be any gas for you later," King said.

King says that's what usually causes a shortage.

"As long as people just remain calm and don't go out there and fill up if they don't need to, then it should be a very temporary thing," King said.