Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) - Back in May, two young children and a father were burned to death in a Winnsboro home. At the kids graves, something really important was missing, until now.

8-year-old Kenya Coleman and her little brother 6-year-old Deshawn Wilson both lost their lives in house fire. Their mother, Sharon Coleman was charged with their murder and arson.

The kids grandmother was left to pay for the burial but she didn't have enough money since it was her home the one that was burned to the ground.

Nancy Coleman explains her grandkids as smart, lovable and very likable.

When she was told by Darreyl Davis, a community leader, that they would pick up the bill for their headstones, she was very grateful.

"When they got off the bus they would always meet and kiss each other and then go their separate ways" said Davis. He has great memories of the children and wanted their memory to be remembered as two lovable souls, rather than two kids burned to death in a Winnsboro home.