Colleton County, SC (WLTX) - The Colleton County woman accused of kidnapping a baby from a Florida hospital 19 years ago and raising her as her own appeared before a judge Monday.

Gloria Williams was arrested back in January for the 1998 kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley--who was found safe in Walterboro and now goes by the name "Alexis Manigo."

Police say Williams dressed as a nurse and took the infant hours after she was born at a Jacksonville hospital.

A pre-trial hearing for Williams is now scheduled for January. Jury selection begins in February. If convicted, Williams could face life in prison.

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Police say. Mobley first began to question her identity when she started looking for a job. Her prospective employers told her that her birth documents were fake.

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She told a friend of suspicions that something wasn't right, and that friend then called authorities, and shortly afterward, Williams was arrested.

Mobley says she had a great childhood and has no ill will toward the woman who raised her. As for her birth parents, she reunited with them earlier this year nd she says she plans to make up for the memories they lost with her.

Meanwhile, the Mobleys sued the hospital where their daughter was taken and later got a $1.5 million settlement.