West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Whether it’s lurking behind a tree or waiting on a doorstep, Jeffrey Matthews is hoping something may surprise you on Halloween in West Columbia.

"We got the ‘Wooden Dead’ out here. This is taken off the spin of the AMC ,’The Walking Dead,' We kind of base some of the characters out here around it," said Matthews.

The artist has been airbrushing for ten years and has been bringing zombies to life for the past three years.

Off of Redbird Lane in West Columbia, you can find Matthews' Zombie testing facility.

"Some of these are just people that we took pictures off the internet and poses and used them create a eerie little zombie affect,” said Matthews.

With a half-inch piece of wood, Matthews creates life-like zombies by airbrushing them.

"Some of them, their eyes will follow you. It's funny. They're kind of like they have a little life of their own. For one of these to get made, you're looking at two and a half hours for me to make one. Jigsaw and put some lines and airbrush them and give them a life... or an afterlife," laughed Matthews.

Over seventy zombies camp out on his front-lawn, but it gets even more scary once darkness covers the sky.

"Then at nighttime, all these lights on the ground out here, they pretty much give it that ghastly green or purple affect. Had some screaming and running off out of here but easily scared I guess," said Matthews.

Over a hundred seventy-five hours of work, turns into a rewarding experience for the artist.

"I think just getting all the kids back out here trick-or-treating like it used to be back in the day. That's one thing I miss the most. Just want to see it brought back again. An awful lot of people are showing up to see the zombies not knowing if they're going to come get them or not," explained Matthews.

In 2016, Matthews had over 150 trick-or-treaters come and see the “Wooden Dead.”