Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Columbia Police Department is looking for a man accused of trying to lure an 11-year-old girl into his car two days in a row.

"She came out the house, got over the hump, and he blew a kiss," said Adrienne Miller, the child's mother.

Miller is recounting the moment it happened.

"He circled back around the block, rolled the window down and said come get in the car Monday," Miller said.

The next day, it happened again.

"Tuesday he was following her, so she began to speed up and he pulled on the side of her and said, 'get in the car with me,'" Miller said.

Miller says her daughter is traumatized.

"She won't leave out the school until I say I'm here, and she says if you weren't out here I'm not coming outside," Miller said.

On Friday afternoon, the Columbia Police Department tweeted out photos of a silver car in relation to the case, and believe it to be a Kia Forte. They say it may have accident damage on the front right fender.

Still, community members feel they didn't act fast enough.

"This is three days after the fact," said Jeffrey Richards, who works at Howard's garage across the street from Miller's home.

"Everybody wants their community to be safe, I'm a parent myself and there's a big concern with that," Richards said.

We asked Lieutenant Vandell McCary with Columbia Police why the public wasn't told about the case earlier.

<we want="" to="" catch="" the="" individual,"="" mccary="" said,="" "and="" sometimes="" when="" you="" put="" information="" out="" too="" soon,="" fast,="" we're="" worried="" about="" not="" catching="" individual="" because="" now="" he's="" going="" another="" area."

McCary says they just got these surveillance photos of the car on Thursday and have pushed them out to get the public's help.

"This is priority number one to get him," McCary said. "Especially when it comes to our youth and our children. We take that very seriously."

McCary says he's hoping the photos they've pushed out will bring them one step closer and commends the child for running away.

"She kept on walking and got to an area where she could take off and run, smart little girl," McCary said.

Lieutenant McCary says they've got orders to patrol the area near W. A. Perry until further notice. If you know anything that could help the investigation, you are asked to call 1-888-CRIME-SC.