CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Normally, the crowd cheers when you hear of stealing inside BB&T Ballpark; but this is no stolen base story, this is stolen money.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are now investigating after thousands of dollars from a safe inside BB&T Ballpark went missing.

According to a search warrant, employees closed up for the night late Friday into Saturday, placing tens of thousands of dollars in the safe.

When the employees returned the following day to count the money, more than $48,000 was missing.

Investigators say $32,057.40 was taken from a sealed deposit bag. An additional $16,500 in "loose money" was taken from inside the locked safe. Lastly, $67 in employee money was reported missing.

According to the search warrant, the safe is stored and maintained by Professional Sports Catering. Authorities say there are are only two people who know the code to the safe.

An employee at the park is now under investigation, accused of flying foul of the law.

According to the warrant, detectives reviewed surveillance video that allegedly showed the employee wearing cargo shorts that "were bulging and appeared to be full wiith unknown items."

According to investigators, the employee's access card was used to access the money room Saturday afternoon, and he was observed exiting the room approximately 40 minutes later with bulging pockets.

The employee denied accessing the money room at that time. When questioned by detectives, he did not admit to taking the missing money.

CMPD says the investigation into embezzlement and larceny is still ongoing. No charges have been filed at this time.