SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- There's concern that donations to charities will take a hit under the newly passed tax plan.

Meals on Wheels is one program that really depends on outside help. Organizers say it's one of the best senior programs, and it's slowly declining and underfunded.

The program serves 23 million fewer meals today than it did in 2005.

Director Roselind Worrell says the organization needs help to keep going.

"I don't hear complaints from volunteers. They talk to us about how they're blessed," she says. "If it was not for our volunteers, we would not be able to afford to have our meals at a lower price."

Charities worry that because the standard deduction is raised under the tax plan, there will be fewer people itemizing deductions for things like charitable donations. They also worry programs will lose more funding in order to pay for the tax cuts.

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