Whitmire, SC (WLTX) - The Northern parts of the Midlands may see more wintry weather than the rest of the county. Residents in Whitmire are making sure they are not left freezing in the cold.

"Whitmire, it's a pretty decent little sized town," said Michael Foster, a resident in Whitmire.

This decent little sized town is in the northern part of Newberry county.

"Doesn't really have a whole lot, but has just enough to get by," Foster said.

Getting by may be a little harder this weekend because this colorful town gets hit by cold weather more than the rest of the county because of its northern location.

That is why Teresa Pate Ammons is loading up on firewood. Ammons says they had previously cut it from a tree that had fallen on her parents' land.

"We live way out in the country so there's plenty of wood out here," Ammons said.

Ammons says she has eight people to fuel, ranging from 28 years old down to 16 months old.

"Four kids at home, two adults and then Michael stays with us too," Ammons said.

"Gotta help out around the house and everything," Foster said.

Foster says he does not mind the extra labor since it will mean extra heat.

"If that winter [weather] comes in and is a lot worse than what it says, I'd rather be prepared for it than to sit there and not be ready," Foster said.

Ammons says the wood will be their main source of heat.

"Yea, primary heat source," Ammons nodded.

Getting the wood was the last item on their snow day check list.

"I have water, I have baby diapers, I've got plenty of milk, bread, plenty of groceries, two refrigerators and a freezer full," Ammons said.

That may seem like a lot, but Ammons' daughter Ariel Pate says it is better safe than sorry.

"You don't know how bad the roads are going to get so you need to get everything in order," Pate said.

"This rural area, they don't get city workers coming by clearing the roads and stuff so everybody's got to come together and do this," Ammons said.

They said they are just excited they may get to see some snow.

"Of course, you know I've got plenty of kids ready to play in some snow, the adults have been whining about it but the kids are gonig to have fun," Ammons laughed.