Columbia, SC (WLTX) - 51% of Millenials plan to permanently settle down in a city by ages 30-35, according to USA Today.

We're on your side, with a few ways young professionals can turn their homeowner dreams to reality:

  • Work To Improve Your Credit Score - Paying bills on time and reducing credit card debt can drastically change a score. If you've had trouble paying your student loans on time in the past, ask your creditor to remove the late payments on your credit report.
  • Increase Your Income - Whether it's using your time to create another stream of income or finding a new job that will pay you more than what you're currently making, increasing your income will make the home buying a reality.
  • Research First Time Home-Buyer Programs - In the Midlands, there are programs from the county, city, state, and organizations to help first time home buyers. Some programs include down payment assistance which many cite as a top hurdle to clear before buying a home.
  • Understand Your Financing Options - The market collapse of 07-08 resulted in banks increasing the credit score and down payment they require for loans. There are financing options like FHA and conventional loans that allow lower credit scores and finance up to 97% of a purchase.

Millennials cannot assume they are unable to afford a home. Understanding your finance options and the resources available can help achieve your big financial goal.