Columbia, SC (WLTX) Whether it's Western Carolina last week or Clemson this week, USC head football coach Will Muschamp says the way his team prepares won't change.

Even though the Tigers are ranked fourth in the country, Muschamp has cautioned is guys about trying to discard the gameplan in an effort to make something happen Saturday night.

"I talked to our guys just about our preparation, our focus in terms of winning downs, winning possessions," Muschamp said..

"That’s going to help you win the game, a methodical approach in how we approach every game and making sure our guys understand it’s not going to take a flawless effort. It’s not going to take anything spectacular. We just need to go play well. We need to go play hard. We need to go play fast. We need to play physical. We need to go play with great effort. We need to play smart. We need to keep our composure in a rivalry game – all of things that you always constantly address with your guys in this type of game. That’s something we addressed this morning, and we’ll continue to address throughout the week."

Muschamp has been in his fair share of rivalries either as a player or coach. He understands just how important this game is in terms of bragging rights.

"I don’t know if the other spots will help you at all, other then being here your first day and walking by people talking about beating Clemson," he said.

"You hear that very quickly, and you understand the importance of the game. We’ve talked about winning our state all the time - whether it’s recruiting or on the field, whatever we need to do. The competition between the two schools is very healthy."