A bizarre scene in downtown Greeneville on Wednesday afternoon had everyone "buzzing."

Around 20,000 bees swarmed around the federal courthouse and then settled in on a fire hydrant right across the street, local beekeepers explained to WGRV Radio.

Longtime bee keeper Dale Luttrell's arrived on the scene and took the hive, according to WGRV reporter Ron P. Metcalfe. He explained that Luttrell's son, Greg, works at the courthouse and helped gather up the bees and keep everyone else at a safe distance.

But what caused the swarming sight?

Another local bee keeper, Joel Hausser, explained to WGRV Radio that it was an early swarm of bees and its how the bees reproduce naturally. He said the bees split the hive and take the old queen on a mission to find a new home.

Hausser told WGRV that the bees aren't aggressive but would be there to protect the queen.