CINCINNATI — Nine people were shot, one of whom died, at a party in Colerain Township north of Cincinnati on Saturday night, officials said. Police were searching for two men seen leaving the area.

Officers responded to the 9900 block of Capstan Drive at approximately 11:20 p.m. for a 911 reported multiple gun shots.

Colerain police spokesman James Love said the first officer through the door of the small house encountered a woman dead on the floor.

Investigators eventually located nine victims. Of the eight surviving victims, Love said only one has serious injuries.

Love said several of the victims were children. With the help of Colerain paramedics and teams from neighboring jurisdictions, all the surviving victims were taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

A gender reveal party was hosted in the home Saturday night, investigators said. Love said many of the victims appeared to be watching TV at the time of the shooting.

Police were able to obtain an order from a judge to search and control the home, Love said. The Cincinnati Police Criminal Investigations Section assisted Colerain with processing evidence in the home overnight.

Love said witnesses reported two men leaving the home and traveling south on Capstan Drive shortly after the shooting. He said those men have not been located.

A woman called 911 and said she was sitting outside the house in her car when she saw two men go in.

"Two guys just came in and shot people in the house," she told the dispatcher. "There was little kids hurt and everything. I was sitting in my car. They just ran in and started shooting. There's a pregnant girl here."

Investigators are waiting to interview all the surviving shooting victims before determining if the men are suspects, Love said.

No motive for the crime has been revealed.