LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On Monday, 558 bills and resolutions were introduced into the Arkansas legislature. Among them includes a resolution that is looking to make the Bible the official state book of Arkansas.

Introduced by Representative Dwight Tosh (R-Jonesboro), the resolution states that Bible is "considered by many to be a book of truth" and the laws contained in the book form the "basis upon which our modern civilization is structured."

Currently, Arkansas has no official state book, but if passed this resolution would make any recognized version of the Bible the state book.

In February of this year, a similar proposal was made in the West Virginia House to make the Bible the state book there.

And in April of 2016, the governor of Tennessee vetoed a bill that would've made the Bible the state book there. When Governor Bill Haslam explained why he vetoed the bill, he said it "trivializes the Bibles, which I believe is a sacred text."

The resolution went before the House Committee on Aging, Children and Youth, Legislative and Military Affairs.