Denver, CO (KUSA) - The same plane lights we saw over Lexington and Calhoun Counties Saturday night were also seen out west.

WLTX's sister station in Colorado, KUSA-TV 9NEWS, received well over a dozen phone calls, emails and messages about a series of single-file lights that flew over the Cherry Creek/Washington Park area of the metro.

The calls came in around 9 p.m., or about 11 p.m. back here in the Midlands. Of course, we had a lot of you calling and e-mail us pictures and video about those reports.

Here's one of those videos:

At this time, 9NEWS has put in calls to the FAA and the Air Force to try and figure out what these may have been.

The Federal Aviation Administration says surely they were aircraft of some kind - they would need more information to be able to pin down exactly what type of aircraft they were and what they were doing.

The Centennial Airport has said they don't know what it was. They did track a single plane over the area - but nothing like the pictures and videos out there.

We'll update you when we hear back from the Air Force.

The lack of information hasn't stopped viewer speculation. One viewer called in and suggested it was military. Another - UFOs. One said her son thought it was Santa's scout elves flying back to the North Pole.

That's the cutest suggestion for sure, but every viewer has said the planes were headed west - not north.

In addition to the lights out in Denver and South Carolina, we've also spotted reports of the lights flying over Illinois/Missouri as well.

As soon as we know what this is - you'll know what this is.

UPDATE: South Metro fire's spokesperson has a room camera on his home in Littleton - you can clearly see the lights moving at :10.