James O'Sicky posted to the Facebook buy and sell group 'Swip Swap Jacksonville' Thursday morning asking for help finding his missing dog, Buddy Boy, and offering up quite the reward: his 2002 GMC pickup.

When asked via text by First Coast News why he'd post offering up his means of transportation, valued at $3,500, he was very clear.

"Because I thought that more people would help find him and that the truck is replaceable. My dog is not," he says.

James moved to Jacksonville with Buddy Boy and has had him for the last three years.

The dog went missing Wednesday afternoon. James says he came home from lunch break around 1 to find his dog gone.

James says he believes his dog must have jumped the fence at his New Berlin Road home - which is weird. Buddy Boy doesn't usually run off and is trained off-leash.

Buddy Boy's home is on the 2500 block of New Berlin Road just north of the Dames Point Bridge near Interstate 295.

James is desperate to find his best friend, and says that he and five others even searched throughout the night to try and find him.

Many on the post have said that if they find the dog they wouldn't expect any reward.

Buddy Boy is not an aggressive dog, per his owner, and doesn't have a history of biting either. If you've seen him, contact James at 904-614-7832.