ATLANTA -- After a lengthy search for the parents of an Atlanta toddler who was left outside a daycare Monday, police say the situation was a just a mix up and has come to a positive resolution.

On Monday, Atlanta Police had asked for the public's help in locating the parents of a 3-year-old boy who was dropped off at Globe's Daycare on Myrtle Street in southwest Atlanta. Police said they thought the child was mistakenly dropped off at the daycare center by a driver who was transporting other children.

Police were able to get the boy's name, Cameron, and DFCS had taken custody of the boy while authorities tried to find the his parents or guardians. Now, police have learned that the child was accidentally dropped off by his grandmother.

According to investigators, the grandmother drove her three grandchildren to the daycare where two of the children attend. The grandmother was apparently not aware that Cameron does not got to the daycare and dropped all three of the children off at the same time.

Police have notified Cameron's parents about the situation and said the child will be reunited with his family.