BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady’s game-worn jersey went missing after his historic performance in Super Bowl LI. Locating that lost piece of memorabilia required the NFL to call in some big guns in the FBI.

And, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, the big guns came through.

Glazer reported Monday morning that NFL security and the FBI “believe they have located Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey” and are “in process of returning to Patriots.”

Glazer noted that the FBI became involved because the jersey was found on “foreign soil.” Glazer said that the “NFL believes the jersey was stolen by someone posing as international media member.”

An NFL spokesman then confirmed the report to

There’s more to the story, too, as CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran reported that Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey from the Patriots’ win over the Seahawks was also missing and was also recovered in the search for the Super Bowl LI jersey. Curran said the Super Bowl XLIX jersey “apparently was taken by the same individual and pawned outside the U.S.”

The missing jersey became a major story after the Patriots’ overtime win over the Falcons. The Texas Rangers were called in to help the Houston Police Department.

The jersey was valued at $500,000.

Brady had joked a bit about the search, posting on Facebook a suspect board that pointed the finger at Julian Edelman, among other suspicious figures. Yet given the personal and professional significance of that fifth Super Bowl victory, it was clear that the jersey did mean a lot to the 39-year-old Brady.