The Gainesville, Fla., Police Department has forcefully rejected President Donald Trump's remarks that apparently advocated rough treatment of people in police custody, going as far as to say he "endorsed and condoned police brutality."

Trump made a speech before officers with the Suffolk County, New York, Police Department on Friday, in which he said law enforcement around the nation should not be "too nice" when dealing with handcuffed suspects.

The president's comment elicited some applause from the assembled, uniformed officers present.

After Trump's speech, the Suffolk County Police Department issued a statement noting that it "will not tolerate the roughing up of prisoners."

In a tweet on Friday evening, the Gainesville Police Department said it "rejects these remarks and continues to serve with respect."

The Gainesville Police Department's remarks have been retweeted more than 45,000 times since its initial posting Friday night.

Department spokesman Officer Ben Tobias tweeted that those who applauded and cheered "should be ashamed."

As of Sunday morning, Tobias' tweet had been retweeted more than 98,000 times.